Fractional COO

Part-Time Chief Operations Officer to Provide Strategic, Operational, and Executive Support

What is a Fractional Chief Operations Officer?

The role of a Chief Operations Officer (COO) varies widely across industries and organizations. In general, a COO works closely with the executive team of a business to evaluate and assess overall operations, support strategic planning and implementation efforts, identify areas for improvement via processes, programs, or projects, and establish and monitor key performance metric.

Most Small Business Owners do not have the resources or amount of work necessary to employ a full-time COO.

A Fractional COO or Part-Time COO helps fill this gap by providing part-time and as-needed strategic, operations, or executive support.
I recommend that you think of a Fractional COO as you think of your CPA. You most likely meet with her monthly or quarterly for overall reviews of your accounts, call or email with quick questions when needed, and request additional help for specific efforts.


I’m Tanya. I would LOVE to establish the same relationship with you as you have with your CPA… but as your Fractional COO.

I bring 20 years of experience supporting teams, departments, and executive managers, a Project Management Professional certification, and real-time experience as a Small Business COO to your Small Business.

Strategizing is not just a “job” for me, it is truly HOW I think. Helping strong and fierce Female Business Owners improve and grow their business is a passion.

How Can I Help Your Business as Your Fractional COO?

The relationship between a Business Owner and a Fractional COO is very personalized and unique depending on your business, needs, and preferences. At the start of the relationship, we will work together to discuss your interests, needs, and budget and develop a custom relationship that can be modified over time.

As a Fractional COO, I’ll provide similar benefits as available for Strategic Coaching or a Whiteboard Session but on a consistent and ongoing basis. An established relationship allows us to jump straight into the immediate needs of your business without taking extra time to get up to speed, understand your business, etc. saving time and money and delivering more value.

Specific ways that I can help your business are through one-on-one support during meetings and ongoing support via email, text, and/or phone. 

Potential One-on-One Support

Clearing Your Head

You simply talk about what you are thinking (no need to be “responsible” or the boss during this time)!

I’ll listen, ask questions, take notes, and then organize your thoughts into immediate needs, projects, etc. in a detailed report and/or agreed upon tracking system.

This will help clear your head on a regular basis and alleviate stress and overwhelm.

Organizing Your Business

As time allows among immediate needs and daily operations, we will work together to develop and routinely update the five key business documents that support a successful business (Business Plan, Operations Plan, Marketing & Sales Plan, Project Plan(s), and Strategic Plan).

This will ensure that you are looking holistically at your business and have strong plans in place to support your business growth.

Developing Business Goals

Referring to your Strategic Plan, we will work together to create and track quarterly or annual goals that align with the overall vision of your business.

This will keep you focused on your longer term vision so that you don’t lose focus on where you are going while dealing with the day to day operations.

Planning Business Growth

Work together to define, organize, and identify areas for business growth and implement via project management with an emphasis on detailed scopes (project description), tasks, responsibilities, budgets, and schedules.

This will enable you to confidently and efficiently work towards the growth of your business.

Improving Operations

Reviewing, defining if necessary, and evaluating the various elements of your business operations to identify areas for improvement, new systems or tools that will be helpful, or opportunities to delegate efforts (components of your Operations Plan).

This will streamline your operations, decrease your workload, and optimize your efforts.

Helping with Fire Drills

No matter how much you plan, crazy things ALWAYS happen. When a fire drill pops up unexpectedly, we can work together to address the immediate needs and realign all other efforts as needed.

This will provide you with a partner to jump in and help during times of potential crisis or major change. Two heads are always better than one!

Potential Ongoing Remote Support

Tracking Progress

I can help track your major business efforts, remind you about major deadlines, or act as an accountability partner if desired. 

This will help keep you focused on your long term vision and not lose momentum while handling the day to day operations.

Providing Tools and Templates

As requested, I can provide well-vetted tools and custom templates to support your operation needs.

This will save you time in researching options or creating common documents to maximize your efforts as the Business Owner.

Reviewing Documents

As you develop business plans, manage projects, or create other documents, I can review your files and provide recommendations as requested.

This will give you the opportunity to have an extra set of eyes on strategic documents that you may not be ready to share with your staff or other partners.

Pause for a moment… How would it feel to have a consistent and reliable partner to support your business operations?

How My Clients Feel…

Bringing Tanya into my business as a Fractional COO has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my business. I have so many thoughts and ideas running through my head that it can be difficult to organize them into actionable plans and they can end up just weighing me down or stressing me out. She has been able to help me get the thoughts and ideas out of my head when it felt like more than I could handle, and into a format I could start organizing and working with. The old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” comes to mind here because Tanya helped me turn my elephant into bite-sized pieces I can work with.

She has also helped me organize my priorities and pointed out a few areas where adopting a new system for information flow can help my team and business thrive. Working with Tanya has given me sanity when my business felt like it was overwhelming me. I feel more energized and excited about my work now than I have in a couple of years thanks to her help and guidance. With Tanya in my corner, I feel like I “got this” again!


Owner, Massage Works of Charlotte

Are You Interested in Fractional COO Services?

I only create Fractional COO relationships with Women who have already hired me for Strategic Coaching or Whiteboard Session(s).

Why Do I Have This Requirement?

Creating a long-term relationship is something that I don’t take lightly. Due to the in-depth relationship that I create with my clients, I limit my number of Fractional COO positions at one time. I also want to make sure that we work well together,  that you are serious about the growth of your business, and ready and able to put in the work together.

If you are not an existing client…

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