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 A Few of my Favorite Things

Small Business Resources

Running a Small Business is a BIG endeavor! Finding the right tools, references, and resources can help save time and energy. I’ve done a LOT of research for my own work and my clients and I want to share some of my all-time favorites with you.

For full disclosure, many of these are referral or affiliate links, but not all. Every resource is something I use or have used regularly or a Small Business Owner I have enjoyed working with personally.

Resources and Tools


Category: Spreadsheet / Database

This is my number 1 favorite business tool lately. It is a wonderful combination of a spreadsheet and a database. It can be used as simple as you want, or as a much more detailed interconnected database. I particularly love the option to view the data in one table as in a spreadsheet, kanban, and calendar views. I’m still coming up with new ways to use it! 

I started with the free version but only used it for a few weeks. It has a lot of functionality but I wanted the additional calendar options immediately. Not everyone may want to go as detailed as I do. 


Category: Task and Project Planning

I’ve tried more than 20 task management apps and software options over the last 5 years. TickTick is my go-to software for tracking simple tasks or small projects. I use it because it has an app (for Android or iPhone), great customizable widgets (a MAJOR plus for my business tabled), a cloud version for when I’m working from my desktop, and great sharing features for collaborating with others. I love it so much that I use it for multiple personal and business lists and never find them overwhelming as I can filter or sort so many different ways.

I used the free version for a few years before upgrading to the premium version a year ago in order to use the smart lists funcationality. 


Category: Graphic Design

If you want to make quick and beautiful graphics for Social Media OR easily create business content, I recommend Canva. As a photographer in a “former business life”, I have the full suite of Adobe Products in including Photoshop and InDesign. I use Canva for the majority of my design work and only switch over to the Adobe software when I want to do something very intricate. It is a HUGE time saver for me. All of my downloadable content is created in Canva as well.

The free version has a TON of functionality. I recently upgraded to the Pro version so I could use the branding and resizing features.

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